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NixOS Takes Action After 1.2GB/s ZFS Encryption Speed Drops To 200MB/s With Linux 5.0+

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    Originally posted by Darksurf View Post
    Have you looked into Redhats "New FS". It's not even a filesystem.. it's a terrible "makeshift Linux bridge" using XFS and a daemon. It wouldn't be wise to replace ZFS with something like that. I'm more willing to place my chips in BTRFS unless redhat rethinks that atrocity.
    Not quite as makeshift as it first appears. History of XFS at the start it had XLV

    Yes when you find old manuals of XFS it talks about XLV yes this is a Logical volume manager designed to work with XFS. When XFS came to Linux it lost its logical volume management XLV. this new tricks work on XFS is restoring functionality that did not make it across the first time as well as adding stacking. Yes XFS on IRIX where it came from was able to see though the XLV under it where ported version to Linux could not.
    Really in a lot of ways is a front end and is really updating the LVM system in Linux.

    ZFS and BTRFS both have integrated volume management. XFS model is different where file system and logical volume manager are meant to be two different things with a proper communication framework in the middle of course that has been missing on Linux.

    Yes I really do hope XFS target to be able to directly mount file system image without needing loopback will come reality for more than xfs.

    Its funny how much that stratis does with xfs is just replacing functionality that was not ported to Linux in the first place. If xfs had been fully implemented with logical volume management support on Linux btrfs and zfs would have been lower interest.


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      Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
      When something is really bad, you need to write long messages and continue nonsense like iBM software users do. IBM software will never get any better and writing about it useless. Most users have brains and IBM software sermon does not have any effect.
      So just another not factual comment.


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        Debian testing/sid Xfce is good for servers and embedded devices too and supports many platforms.
        Fun fact most servers use stuff lighter than xfce.

        Lxde and lxqt are in fact lighter than xfce. Lot of server target configurations in fact end up using Openbox that is in fact lighter again.

        Debian testing/sid is good for a lot of things. Sorry xfce is not the best all round desktop particularly once low memory comes a factor. Yes xfce was the go to low memory desktop but these days the lx developers with lxde and lxqt hold that crown.


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          Originally posted by aht0 View Post
          Sorry but console controllers are not exactly enthusiast gaming. It's "couch, TV and a beer couple of hours over a weekend" sort of thing. You are out of luck with programmable gaming peripherals, most PCI Express video capture cards (at least OBS Studio is open software) and have major head ache in the form of driver breakage following updates.

          Afterburner does lots of things at the same time. Starting from regulating GPU fans according to temperature, ending with a FPS/CPU/MEM overlays on your screen. Add in everything in between like recording videos, taking screenshots, overclocking GPU and so forth. In order to replace it, you'd need about dozen different utilities.
          Now, tell me the probability that you'd run into some sort of issues with just one (if not more) of the replacement utilities? I'd say it's close to infinity.

          Imagine you set painstakingly everything up. You have about 15 different utilities properly configured. Even manage to game some days. Then system update happens - and you'd spend next 2x24h trying to figure bunch of issues - starting from f-ed up graphics driver to some segfaulting gaming utility. Joy, isn't it? 2 such incidents later, you'll give up and install windows.

          Enough of OT now
          Are you really going with that retarded controller argument? If you were a real "enthusiast gamer" you'd know that different controllers are better in different scenarios. "Enthusiast gamers" know to use flight sticks with flying games, arcade sticks with fighting games, wheels with racing games, console controllers with side-scrollers/JRPGs/emulators, keyboard/mouse with FPS & strategy games...or just play with what makes you feel comfortable for long periods of time so you don't develop fucked wrists and whatnot...

          And, yeah, it is a pain in the ass getting everything going on Linux that Afterburner does in one program. Really not worth going down that rabbit hole.


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            Originally posted by birdie View Post

            There's a much better FS which has been brewing for the past several years:

            It can replace all of ext4, ZFS, Btrfs, XFS and JFS.
            I'm waiting on that to mature a little bit more before I start messing around with it.

            Would you happen to know if it has GRUB issues from time to time? Similar to ZFS/BTRFS compression.


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              Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

              I'm waiting on that to mature a little bit more before I start messing around with it.

              Would you happen to know if it has GRUB issues from time to time? Similar to ZFS/BTRFS compression.
              I don't think you'll have any issues with GRUB for the simple reason that GRUB doesn't support it at all, which means you'll have to have a /boot partition to boot to bcachefs. Fedora, which I use, creates a separate /boot parition even for supported filesystems.

              Still, I wouldn't trust this FS with any critical data yet. I bet this FS doesn't have more than a dozen regular users which means it hasn't received enough testing yet. Only after it's been merged with mainline and has been there for at least three releases, only then I'd put my data on it.


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                Feels like a deja vu.. BTRfs was supposed to kill off every other file system too.
                10 years later..


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                  Just wondering if Canonical will include this tiny patch on Ubuntu 19.10... Any ideas?


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                    Have any other distros besides NixOS picked up this patch?


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                      Why don't we just have an "offshore fork" where we ignore all IP annoyances and do what is best for the codebase?