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Canonical Is Shutting Down Ubuntu One

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    They CAN'T shut down Ubuntu, as it will run with or without support

    Originally posted by johnc View Post
    A year from now the headline is going to simply be, "Canonical Is Shutting Down Ubuntu".
    If Canonical as a whole simply shut down, all existing Ubuntu installs would continue to run just fine, there would just be no new support efforts from Canonical. Probably someone would keep the package archives availabe. My guess would be either Debian or Mint would do this. Meanwhile there would be migration scripts to convert Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based distros to ones based directly on Debian.


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      Ha ha ha ha ha! Well of course they lost the bloody battle! Other cloud storage providers allowed you to actually store the files there. In Ubuntu One, files are only syncronised (so if you delete them of your drive, they are deleted on the cloud too), which is useless to me (can't even use it for backup)...