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GRUB 2.02 Has Many Features, Might Hit Ubuntu 14.04

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    Originally posted by Kano View Post
    If you manually need to edit your grub.cfg then you do something completely wrong.
    I appreciate you taking the time.

    I do understand how it works, I just don't like it. Sure, if all I did was use the distro kernels and let it run the scripts it would mostly work. In some distros I still have to correct what it adds for Windows partitions though... I really don't need it adding stanzas for partitions that don't even have a Windows OS on them. Mint 16's grub autoconfig actually got all that stuff right. It adds too much stupidity to my custom kernel stanzas though, when it just needs to be simple.

    I build my own kernels (configured my way), and if I let that stuff run I would have to go and edit the stanzas because it adds lines and parameters I don't want. I could correct all this but I don't believe in manipulating a bunch of scripts just to get something to automatically do what I can in 2 seconds with a text editor.

    Even if it does get it right, I would still have to go and check grub.cfg to make sure.


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      At first, I didn't really get how GRUB2 worked compared to legacy GRUB, but then I learned how to use it properly and have no issues any more. Although I do use UEFI on pretty much every PC I administer, I still use GRUB2 instead of the kernel EFI capabilities, because the fact that you can use its powerful shell when something goes wrong is just that good. If you have something that is bootable, chances are GRUB2 can boot it.