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Korora 20 Fedora Remix "Peach" Now Available

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  • Korora 20 Fedora Remix "Peach" Now Available

    Phoronix: Korora 20 Fedora Remix "Peach" Now Available

    Korora 20 is now available as the remixed version of Fedora 20 with various software changes...

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    Fedora Derivatives

    It's more natural to burn an iso with:
    $ sudo dd if=Korora20.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M && sync
    ## than,
    $ sudo livecd-iso-to-disk --format --reset-mbr --msdos Fedora20DVD.iso /dev/sdb
    but I heard that Arch also derives from Fedora and Manjaro derives from Arch. When I changed from Fedora I did not hear about Korora, but now in Manjaro I realised it has one big advantage, "rolling-release" model. When you update it, you have the latest version. So now I don't feel like changing back.
    There should be a standard Linux package amongst all this Linux disunity and Fedora was complicating things.