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Ubuntu Plans To Stick To "Stable GNOME"

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  • Ubuntu Plans To Stick To "Stable GNOME"

    Phoronix: Ubuntu Plans To Stick To "Stable GNOME"

    Ubuntu developers will be looking to stick to "stable" GNOME components and not closely track the unstable GNOME development releases within the Ubuntu 13.04 cycle. There's several reasons why Ubuntu will be distancing itself from the latest upstream GNOME packages...

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Among the GNOME components thay are interested in updating this cycle include dconf, glib, desrt, seb128, gobject-introspection, gvfs, and PiTiVi.
    Phoronix has no clue what it's writing about.


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      Originally posted by 0xCAFE View Post
      Phoronix has no clue what it's writing about.
      I noticed those usernames in there too and loled.

      Also, isn't it a bit hypocritical to use any Rhythmbox later than 0.13.x (Gnome2 version) since RB 3.0 stable hasn't been released yet? Considering they want to stick with gnome stable, and RB isn't stable since 0.13.x (in fact the plugin API etc keeps changing a lot and there are outstanding bugs such as a broken program if you #include certain header files shipped in /usr/include/rhythmbox)


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        I would hope they tracked GTK close.
        Because maybe latest GTK upstream contain more Wayland work.

        This controversial decision came about since tracking unstable GNOME is taking up resources that they could be instead investing in their (Unity) desktop
        We saw how Unity went when they had resources to invest there, we ended up with spyware and adware.


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          This is probably for the best, ubuntu really needs to work on having less buggy/more polished releases. Building their own unity UI, while also working on integrating the newest unstable gnome stack during every release cycle was just too much.


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            What a confusingly written article. It would be nice if at least some attempt at investigating the issues was done. E.g. GStreamer 1.0 migration is complete. The problem is that the default Ubuntu installation still requires 0.10 for packages not part of the GNOME core release set. Furthermore, the 1.0 freeze happened really late.

            But the way this is reported here: raise the bar please, I'm not telling anything new. I gave similar feedback before so I expect more when writing articles.

            At the moment you're attributing things to GNOME because your assumptions are wrong.


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              Phoronix, how about citing your sources? There's not even a single link that allows me to verify your statements or get more details from their context.


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                Err, this all boils down to 1 single issue

                Ubuntu has forked away from upstream gnome, and the more changes they include the harder it is to keep syncing. It's exactly what everybody said would happen.


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                  Deja vu

                  What Ubuntu is doing -- making their own desktop, monitizing online services -- reminds me of the late Eazel Inc. It's good that Canonical has a server division, because the desktop side is leveraging less and less of the community.


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                    Less and less? No, they're bringing more to the community and the community is free to leverage this.