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Fedora 18 To Get User Mode Migration, Xfce 4.10

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  • Fedora 18 To Get User Mode Migration, Xfce 4.10

    Phoronix: Fedora 18 To Get User Mode Migration, Xfce 4.10

    While Ubuntu developers were listening to Mark Shuttleworth talk about Ubuntu 12.10, also happening at the same time was a Fedora Engineering and Steering Committee meeting within the Fedora / Red Hat world. A new set of features were approved today for the Spherical Cow...

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    As someone who has just started using Fedora at work with the XFCE spin, it's good to see it being taken seriously. I'm a Gentoo user at home and this is the first time I've used a Red Hat variant since Mandrake in 2003 but I'm not hating it quite as much as I thought I would.


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      I'm using xfce 4.10 on Fedora 16, now.

      Thanks to this.


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        I don't really understand how upgrading existing xfce packages constitutes news. Why not celebrate the Fedora has upgraded LXDE also? Because I am sure that has happened.

        But whatever.

        the other features are cool though. Multiple kerberos domain support and sane management of user permissions are both fantastic things. It's very nice to see Fedora continue to stay ahead of the pack in terms of technology.


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          Does this mean 4.10 will not be in Fedora 17? In which case I am disappointed...

          Are there any really graphics performance improvements for the R600g driver in 17, or should I just stick with 16 in the mean time?


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            Originally posted by Hamish Wilson View Post
            Does this mean 4.10 will not be in Fedora 17?
            Use the repo I posted (link above) to get Xfce 4.10 in Fedora 16 and 17. Apparently the author is going to try to compile for EL6 as well.


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              I am not really interested in going out of the main repos, to be honest. It is just that Fedora 17 is looking less and less like it is worth the effort to update, unless there are any real graphics driver enhancements.


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                Thank you Linus and thank Red Hat for giving Linus his wish

                Linus Torvads mentioned with Fedora 15, that the new gnome layout was not to his liking. He indicated that it was counter productive, and as a consequence, because he works for RH, that instead of staying back one release or two, he tried and switched to XFCE.

                I too write software and prefer XFCE as the development GUI interface. Its really Gnome2 plus benefits.

                Again, Thank RH and the XFCE development team to make us proud of Fedora 16, and the coming two releases.