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Ubuntu 12.04 Is ARM-ing Up For Better Performance

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  • Ubuntu 12.04 Is ARM-ing Up For Better Performance

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 12.04 Is ARM-ing Up For Better Performance

    As shared on Phoronix in many articles already, Canonical has big plans for Ubuntu in the ARM-space. They are looking forward to making Ubuntu Linux be the first operating system to support the forthcoming ARM Cortex A15, but before that and the other achievements they have planned, they must first ship Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. With Ubuntu 12.04 there is already some exciting improvements on the ARM front, including ARM hard-float support, better OMAP4 support, and other packaging improvements. In this article are some early benchmarks of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" from the PandaBoard ES. For some workloads, Ubuntu 12.04 is remarkably faster than Ubuntu 11.10.

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    Any chance you could do some comparisons with Fedora? They've been working on ARM for awhile now and run default on the Olpc-ARM, so, unlike ubuntu, they're running on something other than dreams.


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      Gzip performance

      Gzip performance improvement is massive. Was it only achieved by enabling hard-float ?