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Fedora 16 Release Candidate 1 Arrives Late

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  • Fedora 16 Release Candidate 1 Arrives Late

    Phoronix: Fedora 16 Release Candidate 1 Arrives Late

    Following a delay of a few days due to un-cleared blocker bugs, Fedora 16 Final Release Candidate 1 was made available on Saturday morning for those interested in testing the Verne release...

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    The biggest hurdle for me was getting it installed. I wanted to wipe out my / and /boot partitions from my prior installation of Ubuntu, but keep my /home partition, while also not touching my Win32 HDD at all (I have a separate HDD for Windows and Linux so they don't fight over things like the MBR).

    Kept getting exceptions in the graphical installer, etc... eventually got lucky and worked out how to get grub2 installed cleanly, but it required me *moving* my /home partition, which took a lot of time. And I think it had something to do with selecting "Use Free Space" as the option for partitioning in the installer.


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      I think I will switch to this when it goes final. I am actually really liking ubuntu with gnome-shell, but every ubuntu release seems to have a new obnoxious bug that forces me to switch. For 11.10 its middle click on my touchpad with a 3 finger tap is totally broken, it detects as a single click. Someone put up a patched xorg-input driver that fixes it...until I suspend and then it breaks again. Every other distro middle clicks fine. I don't know why I even switched from fedora 15, guess I just really wanted to try gnome 3.2 (which is a nice release, love finally having anti-aliased window borders).

      Opensuse 12.1 looks interesting as well though, and looks to be coming very soon as well.


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        I've been using Fedora 16 beta for a while and after upgrade I lost the multi touch gestures (two click tapping isn't doing right click any more, which used to work great with Fedora 16 beta initially and works great with Fedora 15) also the screen brightness levels aren't working 100% well (they at least usable unlikely Ubuntu in my case). With this things aside Fedora 16 feels more mature than Fedora 15 (faster and less crashy in most cases, most of the current crashes in some apps will probably get corrected when final release arrives I think, that's at least what happened with Fedora 14 and 15 in my case). But anyway I think it will only make sense to use Fedora 16 when RPM Fusion repos for Fedora 16 arrive :P