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Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta [Unofficial]

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  • Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta [Unofficial]

    Phoronix: Google Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta Available

    While Google's Chrome web-browser is not officially available for Linux quite yet, a proper beta release of their Linux-based Chrome OS is now available. Google has just uploaded Chrome OS 0.4.223 Beta and has made it publicly available for download through this web-page both as an ISO and VMDK/VMX files for VirtualBox and VMware virtualization support...

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    The vm download link seems broken.


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      What about this little note on bottom of the page :
      Chrome OS is not related to Google. Service provided by SUSE Studio. See the license.


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        This is Fake!

        This is not Google Chrome OS, it is just Crhome OS. And is another Linux distro. Please pay attention to the smaller chars at the end of download section: "Chrome OS is not related to Google. Service provided by SUSE Studio. See the license."



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          Ahh, tabloid journalism at its finest.


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            well he made half the internet flock to this site to get a link, so the money has been made in ads .


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              So many people have been fooled by this.

              Ingenious work by the author.


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                Site diabled for terms of use violations. Google still has a cache of the download page, as of writing, not that it really matters.


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                  What the hell? That was bizarre. It's Google Chrome! Wait, no it isn't. Yes it is! No it isn't! I'm not dead yet! What was the point of all this? Was someone was trying to pull a practical joke or something? And if so, faking a Google Chrome OS release is pretty lame. Why not fake a Windows 8 Alpha or something?