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Ubuntu 9.10 Home Encryption Performance

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  • Ubuntu 9.10 Home Encryption Performance

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 9.10 Home Encryption Performance

    Last December we had looked at the Ubuntu 9.04 home encryption performance after this feature appeared in a development snapshot as an alternative to those looking for security some of their data but are not looking for completely encrypting the hard drive due to the performance impact or other reasons. The home encryption feature ended up being disabled in Ubuntu 9.04 unless a special boot parameter was used, but it has now reappeared in Ubuntu 9.10.

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    Thanks for the very interesting article. IIRC older versions of Amarok could use postgres, though I'm not sure, so perhaps the TPS count would be valuable even to desktop users with large shared music libraries? I've used amarok more recently with mysql and sshfs while on the go with my netbook. Though there seems to be no reason to encrypt a music library stored at home and not in as much danger or theft.

    In addition to the alternative comparisons you suggest you might run in the future near the end of the article, would you consider doing a comparison of ubuntu 9.10 without any swap configured at all? The window in which data can be read from ram even with cryogenics is small enough that some might consider this.



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      Hmm... I've got my encrypted home setup with pam_mount and luks. Is there any benefit this ecryptfs has over my setup, that'd make it worthwhile to switch?


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        Did you use compcache? If the netbook was actually using swap, compcache should really help performance.


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          What is the easiest way to install Ubuntu? I am planning to dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04, I have already burned Ubuntu into a CD and have also downloaded the ISO. But when I go to My Computer to start the installation, a different icon appears. And when I open it with ISO Buster, it opens up separately. I'm confused on what to click.. just to start the installation. Are there any other things I need to download to install Ubuntu? What is the easiest way to install Ubuntu?
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            ill help him out. Conversation continue.