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Microsoft Releases A Big Update To Windows Subsystem For Linux, New Experimental Options

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    Originally posted by RAINFIRE View Post

    Or you could just download the FIXED OpenSSH from GitHub linked in original post and not have to try all sorts of hacks to get the SSH Agent working in Windows 10, 11, Server, WSL or even by Windows Update. OS Version is borked. I'm not even sure a fixed OS SSH agent will even extend to the WSL? It's all just wrong on so many levels. Cygwin was better than this 15 to 20 years ago . . . again, just my opinion.
    Not sure, what's broken but the "hacks" are to get SSH inside of WSL talking to the agent running on Windows.

    Cygwin was nice at the time, installing Git is nicer but having a full Linux including the kernel makes a work windows notebook bearable.


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      Originally posted by edxposed View Post

      networkingMode = bridged
      vmSwitch = Bridge

      Unrecorded, but is working. 22H2+ only
      You have to set up the bridge in advance though, and that doesn't work on a number of NICs (my Intel wireless card in my Dell laptop, for example).

      Same hardware supports bridging fine under VirtualBox on Windows, KVM/Qemu under Linux, etc. But bridging in Windows 11 itself (in general or for use with WSL2) fails.

      There are similar reports on TechNet and in GitHub issues. Microsoft's response is "Unsupported. Tough luck".
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        Originally posted by sophisticles View Post
        I wonder how long before Microsoft releases a full, proper distro.

        I also wonder if they did, how long it would be before the Linux faithful would complain that it sucks.
        You mean like CBL-Mariner?


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          WSL 2 is a joke, it cannot correctly access any NTFS drive.
          git status on a small repository hosted on the windows drive is taking seconds to answer. It is totally unusable, so I am stuck on WSL1.