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AlmaLinux Now Available For Download As RHEL/CentOS Alternative

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    Johnny Hughes was nice enough to endorse AlmaLinux.

    Originally posted by swagg_boi View Post

    I'm afraid you'll be waiting a long time:;11d6001.1904

    (Still running SL7 at work)
    "CERN acknowledges the recent decision to shift focus from CentOS Linux to CentOS Stream, and the sudden change of the end of life of the CentOS 8 release. This may entail significant consequences for the worldwide particle physics community. We are currently investigating together with Fermilab the best path forward. We will keep you informed about any developments in this area during Q1 2021."


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      Originally posted by thunderbird32 View Post

      Ah yes, well... We could go back to CentOS 7, but the servers are running an application that was written in-house by a developer who no longer works here (and management has decided development of that program is "done" and therefore isn't going to assign anyone to maintaining it). No one seems to know how to install it, and no one seems to know anything about the stack it runs on. Honestly I think it's just a Tomcat application, but I'm not going to stake my job on getting it working again. My department is just the server/OS. The application is a different part of IT's job. Migrating to anything that doesn't have a in-place upgrade method isn't going to work.
      hmm that sounds like you have bigger long term problems than just OS choice!