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Fedora 29 Might Finally Switch To Liberation Fonts 2

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    Originally posted by carewolf View Post

    Anything can look sharp and good on a high res screen. The problem is that it is a trade off on lower resolutions
    There's no trade-off with IBM Plex Sans. Been using it on various resolutions, from 1280x800 to 1920x1080 and I also saw it being used on 4K screens, and it's sharp and good no matter what resolution.


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      The only ttf font i really used for a longer period was Terminus. With powerline mod for zsh. But still I prefer bitmap, even on 2k panels, I don't really know why. Could be the habit from long time usage of 16x2 and similar lcd's in embedded systems. Only I'd like to change in that bitmap font is 0, since it doesn't have slash line across the number.
      Just for the explanation, it's usual for me to have 9-12 (usually synchronized) tmux panes in single window for remote realtime tracking of debug logs when something wierd is happening in the system, mainly looking how logs are formed, content check is later on. Things gets more complicated onsite if I need to use KVM and VT without any X subsystem available.


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        IBM Plex Sans and Liberation are the best fonts I've had on openSUSE, both are very clear and well defined, right now I'm using Liberation, I can not say if 1 or 2 is the one found in openSUSE.