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GIMP 2.6.0 Released, With GEGL Support

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  • GIMP 2.6.0 Released, With GEGL Support

    Phoronix: GIMP 2.6.0 Released, With GEGL Support

    GIMP 2.4.0 was released almost one year ago, but today this popular open-source image editing and graphics program has been replaced by GIMP 2.6. With GIMP 2.6, the toolbox menu bar has been removed and its functionality merged with the main menu bar, toolbox and docks are now a utility window, and there is now also the ability to pan beyond the image border...

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    Oh, can't wait to check out the new UI. Congrats to the GIMP team on having a great versioning & releases schedule also.


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      Ah, found the pics at the bottom of the release:


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        Note that using GEGL for operations is not used by default and needs to be turned on:

        "By default the legacy 8bit code paths are still used, but a curious user can turn on the use of GEGL for the color operations with Colors / Use GEGL. "

        I'll certainly turning it on and trying it out.