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GNOME Turns 19, Debian Turns 23 Years Old

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  • GNOME Turns 19, Debian Turns 23 Years Old

    Phoronix: GNOME Turns 19, Debian Turns 23 Years Old

    There are at least two exciting Linux/open-source birthdays to celebrate this week...

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    RIP Ian Murdock, thanks for giving us Debian and everything!


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      Yes Michael. You're missing a big one! Next Thursday the kernel turns a quarter century!


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        About 12 years ago I tried a lot of distros. I am glad I ended up with Debian and I have been using Debian for servers since 2006 and could never be happier - you can simply do things that are not possible on Windows platforms. Since 2013 I have used Debian full time for desktop as well and absolutely no regrets except not switching earlier

        Happy birthday Debian


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          Debian rocks, and I've cut my Linux teeth on Slackware back in the mid 90s, then spent a while in Fedora-land...finally landing in Debian in early 2005. Liked what I saw and it was so much easier to work with .deb's than with .rpm's. Compiling stuff for slackware got old after a while. Debian has matured into a solid well maintained distro with quite a lot of goodies just an apt-get install away