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Compiz 0.7.6 Released, New Improvements

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  • Compiz 0.7.6 Released, New Improvements

    Phoronix: Compiz 0.7.6 Released, New Improvements

    Just shy of two months since Compiz 0.7.4 was released, Compiz 0.7.6 is now available. This update has a rewritten Place plug-in to dramatically improve multi-output behavior, configurable multi-output behavior, removed plane plug-in in favor of the wall plug-in, removed cube wallpaper painting in favor of the Compiz Fusion wallpaper plug-in, panel and desktop selection mode is now available in the switcher plug-in, and improved painting behavior...

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    Always had problems with it running on KDE... it was ok when it worked though.

    KWin4 ran without a single problem since its first beta releases, so I think I'll just sit and wait for KDE 4.1 and use the desktop effects that come with it.


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      I'd say you're missing out on a lot (I'll try kwin again though when they make a release for "end users").


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        Workspace Switcher Applet

        Have they fixed the integration with GNOME's Workspace Switcher applet? This is the only thing stopping from using compiz


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          I'd say yes, and ages ago... at least clicking on a workspace in the applet now properly twists the cubde to the edge in 8.04.


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            phible: To an extent it has been fixed. The only thing that doesn't work for me is drag/drop window placement within the switcher, but the Expo plugin is so much nicer for that task


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              wow, thanks for the answer, going to install now.


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                Improve This

                I've been experimenting with compiz, xgl, beril, CF since they rolled out. ATM I use Heron+Gnome+CF with mobility radeon, and yes it's improved over the years but there was always a bug with the keys.

                Sometimes you can't type to boxes, you have to keep hitting ESC, tabbing, clicking whatever to put it back normal or CTRL+ALT+BS of course in last case.

                Beyond this when your system overloaded eg compiling tools, kernel and u typing to forums just like now, it can easily lagg in for seconds, what you don't experience without compiz.

                So keep up the good work guys.


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                  Originally posted by phible View Post
                  Have they fixed the integration with GNOME's Workspace Switcher applet? This is the only thing stopping from using compiz
                  That can't be fixed from compiz, compiz uses viewports, metacity uses workspaces, they work very differently from each other

                  Ir recommend using a different pager/workspace-switcher from awn or kiba-dock