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Gedit For GNOME 3.12 Receives Brand New UI

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  • Gedit For GNOME 3.12 Receives Brand New UI

    Phoronix: Gedit For GNOME 3.12 Receives Brand New UI

    Gedit 3.11.2 has been released as the latest development version of GNOME's text editor in the lead-up to the GNOME 3.12 release in March. This latest version of Gedit brings a brand new user-interface to better interface with GNOME 3's human interface guidelines...

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    This new interface looks even more alien than my initial impression with Metro on Win 8.

    Definitely going to have to take some time to get used to it.


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      Ugh, that's terrible. At the very least, I hope it loads faster.
      I hope there's some easy way to get the classic look/feel back for those of us not drinking the "touchscreen interface on your desktop" kool-aid. If not, I'll be using a lot more mousepad/leafpad.


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        Honestly, what was wrong with gedit's old interface? First they did this with nautilus, and now gedit? Come on gnome... Instead of making changes on stuff and that really don't require changes, how about to you add back the ability to set your wallpaper directory in the wallpaper preferences, or the gastly idea of bringing back the ability to remove items from nautilus side panel / favorites bar without having to edit configs and such?

        And how about an optition to disable gnome shell's full screen start menu and not just hiding it?


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          Forget it, Gnome is too far gone.


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            bye bye gedit ...

            Originally posted by DanL View Post
            I hope there's some easy way to get the classic look/feel back for those of us not drinking the "touchscreen interface on your desktop" kool-aid.
            I doubt it. Evince has this new interface for some time now, and there is no way to get the old style menu back.


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              Huh. I haven't followed GNOME at all, but these screenshots look eerily similar to the MS Office interface (big open menu button at the top left, a few small extra buttons integrated directly into the window decoration at the top right etc.). I'm not sure why anyone would think that's a good idea.


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                I like GNOME, and I like simplicity, but wow. Gedit was completely fine as it was.


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                  I'm actually one of the few that liked Gnome 3 and Gnome shell(with extensions) but these recent UI changes are terrible to me.
                  Beyond any functional issues I have with it, the top menubar/window decorations in Gnome 3.10+ are hideous.
                  Custom themes can somewhat fix that but Gnome developers are almost hostile to theming with the constant breakage.


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                    as much as i hate gnome-shell or nautilus improvements. surprisingly i don't hate this one. i'm pretty much used to same interface from chrome more or less. was downright scared they'll completely destroy another piece of software by gnome design

                    i know this is about gedit. still has to be said, the guy who thought that gnome-shell should be phone like and removing groups would be ideal... should be shot on site. any reliance on search with having localised desktop is awful. some apps simply aren't translated and you need to search 2 times. fsck the usability

                    while nautilus new design,.... grrrr. there is simply no amount of torchering that would suffice as penalty. if there is a god, he should knew where to strike with lightning next

                    gnome-shell problem is at least easily countered by installing extension or cinnamon. getting rid of nautilus? last time i tried, i had to uninstall and recompile half of desktop. i really wish fedora would ship nemo as default option

                    it would be damn time gnome developers would realize that "requirement of being visionary... is having a vision which is not product of some heavy coolaid drugs".