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Physics Support Gets Knocked Out Of Enlightenment

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  • Physics Support Gets Knocked Out Of Enlightenment

    Phoronix: Physics Support Gets Knocked Out Of Enlightenment

    Coming last summer to the Enlightenment project was EPhysics, a physics module for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries to do interesting desktop games or effects, but it's now been nuked from the Enlightenment code-base...

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    Sensationalist journalism? The EPhysics library demonstrated in that video and that is described in the article is part of the EFL 1.8 release and will remain part of EFL.

    What was removed was a module to let E use some of the effects of this library, nothing more. As he said, it was unmaintained and nothing actually used it, so removing it was a good decision.


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      Wasn't there a dock with physics support like 6-7 years ago? Anyone remember what that was called?


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          I never understood why that physics dock was so popular. "Look ma, my gui is bouncy balls"


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            Nothing amazing here

            The physics module was nothing more than a "cool toy" to show off some new Ephysics stuff that is now in EFL 1.8 release. It was some fun for mike but was never anything serious or useful. Ephysics is still in EFL and will stay,. it's meant as a backbone to allow developers to use physics in their apps to make UI's more realistic or even just help making games and such. It just makes your life easier by providing wrapping and glue between EFL's mainloop, Evas objects and Bullet which does the actual physics itself. Edje allows for physics to be used within themes now as well. It's not widely used, but this is now a "standard feature".

            And as I said. the Physics MODULE was nothing more than a toy to play around with things.