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Google Web Designer Comes To Push Along HTML5

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  • Google Web Designer Comes To Push Along HTML5

    Phoronix: Google Web Designer Comes To Push Along HTML5

    Google announced this week the debut of their Web Designer project, which is a WYSIWYG editor/designer for creating HTML5+CSS3 content to compete with Adobe Flash in the realm of rich media experiences on the web...

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    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
    Seeing as most of the HTML "What You See Is What You Get" editors on Linux are crap
    You don't need to specify a platform there. Simply put: All WYSIWYG HTML editors are crap.
    Now that might be changing.


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      It's kind of frustrating that Google doesn't even know what Linux is anymore.

      Wouldn't they build something like this with cross-platform frameworks like Qt or whatever?


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        Is there a reason this is closed source at all?

        edit: Another example of google's linux support:
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          There's probably going to be a ChromeOS version.


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            "Available for Mac & PC"

            Well, I'm pretty sure I'm working on a PC right now.


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              google does not give a shit about the linux desktop, no drive, no earth, no X Y or Z

              all they want is make money out of the kernel


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                Getting less confident in Google releasing Linux versions these days.

                Meh, I'll stick to Vim anyway.


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                  Hold off those pitchforks for a sec.

                  The majority of Flash Developers are in Mac and Windows, so this makes sense at the moment. They want those people to start converting their stuff or drop flash.

                  However I expect a port soon for a tool like this.

                  Anyway If google really wants to kill flash they need to convert all those Youtube videos already.


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                    they already support linux through Android...
                    they think that supporting others will be compete against android and chromeOS...

                    if you wanna still use debian, fedora and others, its better looking for another company...