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  • 2.3.0 Quietly Released

    Phoronix: 2.3.0 Quietly Released

    The official release of 2.3.0 is scheduled for Monday, September 17, but it is available already. 2.3.0 introduces a number of new features and changes for all components.

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    Interesting... Of the new stuff I'm particularly interested on the speed improvements, which has got to be about the #1 complaint from people I've moved over to OOo... They actually like it very much, but startup and Macros (amongst other things) are the main speed drainers.


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      Doesn't yet work for nl(nl) version it appears

      I wouldn't download it yet anyways, i'll wait until it hits portage.

      I was phoronix effecting, and just mindlessly clicking links, or fact checking whatever sounds less stupid ;-)