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    Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
    I never understood that claim. Which work do you get done with a desktop?

    Which kind of work does KDE not allow you to do compared to another desktop? I cannot think of even a single thing.


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      Originally posted by Uqbar View Post
      I don't dare to install beta stuff on my PC as it's daily production.
      I do and they're usually stable enough so my work still gets done. Just goes to show that, with all the whining, the software is pretty solid. On top on being free.
      And I'm not talking just about KDE, web browsers (all of them), mail clients (Thunderbird dropped the ball one recently, not handling attachments properly), IDEs, video drivers (nvidia) have all been pretty solid. I'm not touching a beta kernel though.


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        Originally posted by seraphim View Post
        KDE is still far to bloated, sluggish and unstable to be considered a usable desktop environment.
        KDE since 4.5 is PERFECT DE, provided you have at least 1.5G ram and at least 2Ghz CPU.

        Originally posted by seraphim View Post
        The only sane desktops for power users and those who want to get work done are Xfce, LXDE and Cinnamon. The rest are junk.

        These are desktops for different goals, and all with variable amount of bullsh!t, unlike KDE. See:

        XFCE - the best of three. Flaws:
        * (Thunar) cannot change properties of multiple objects
        * (Thunar) cannot modify desktop icon text length
        * Panel & filemanager functionality is extremely limited compared to KDE
        * Panel, adding stuff on panel and working with menu is conter-intuitive, unlike KDE
        * XFWM is very very primitive window manager(but does the job)
        * XFWM has conflict with Compiz over workspaces
        * Its still GTK2 (but works if you find GTK2+3 theme)
        * Its stable
        * Its usable
        * It uses around 160MiB RAM total (Xorg, kernel included)
        This was the most usable DE of the three.

        Does some things better than XFCE. Can manage multiple objects in PcmanFM, but
        * website is dead
        * cannot save sessions
        * completely counter-intuitive
        Uses 120MiB ram, suprisingly if not broken session manager and a bit more intuitive use of panel, it would outperform XFCE. But its functionality is lower than XFCE and its dead as a project.

        is just GNOME menu. Not DE.
        GNOME3 is.. variable. You either like it or not. Personally, I can live with it, but I don't like it.

        is GNOME2 port. So, its not much away from stuff like Trinity - usable desktops seen as compromise between functionality and resource usage, but very buggy due to low hacker base.

        KDE only single problem is high resource usage, which is understandable given amount of technology within. It is very powerful, stable desktop, much more powerful than XFCE+LXDE+Gnome3 COMBINED. It is also very easy to tune and very configurable. If you want to get work done without spending hours configuring and digging through config files or spending time to "get used to", KDE is desktop of choice - you can cut it down to your needs without all this. I'm not using KDE currently, because I'm a bit to lazy doing other stuff - my current XFCE+Compiz config works. But if I get time, I'll switch to KDE back just because its easy to drive.


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          KDE is my favorite DE, I wish it could be more SSD friendly
          For instance it could give us some "easy" UI options :
          - to stop using MySQL as a meta file indexer;
          - completely avoid logging in .xsession (kdebug is not enough to make it silent);
          - enhance network FS (un)mounting : NFS is in bad shape, perf sync also;
          - a better gtk color & font integration, especially black theme + Firefox, xsane or LibreOffice ( plugin aren't better);
          - an icon only taskbar, such as Seven

          I also agree: RAM footprint is not an issue



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            Originally posted by cyring View Post
            - an icon only taskbar, such as Seven
            Unlock widgets and then replace the 'Task Manager' plasmoid with 'Icon Only Task Manager' It has some extra features that the default doesn't too (like progress bars on the icons.)


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              Originally posted by cyring View Post
              - an icon only taskbar, such as Seven
              Is there something wrong with icon tasks, which has been shipped with KDE for several releases now?


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                Originally posted by cyring View Post
                - an icon only taskbar, such as Seven
                There is an extension (plasmoid) which provides and provided that functionality prior the time w7 was in development. Lookup at

                Originally posted by TheBlackCat View Post
                Is there something wrong with icon tasks, which has been shipped with KDE for several releases now?
                I think OP uses vertical panel alignment.


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                  In my case I wait wayland support support.
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