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GNOME 3.5.3 Bulks On Changes For GNOME 3.6

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    the article doesn't mention one of the best changes in Gnome 3.6: there will be a power off button in the menu by default - not necessary to press the Alt key anymore
    also planned are huge improvements to the Orca screenreader, a new font viewer application, improvements to app menus and probably a new note application (accoding to this german article: Designteam forciert App-Men?s f?r Gnome 3.6), and a design overhaul for some applications.

    I'm curious about the new note application. But IMHO gnote is already good enough and the best note application I know
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      So basically: if a feature doesn't work well with touch it get dumped. I wonder if the developers write code on touch screens as well. It doesn't sound like they can think beyond that use case any more.


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        As much as I prefer gnome 3 over gnome 2, and am baffled by some of the hate, I have to admit these modifications to nautilus seem to be designed merely to irritate people.

        Tree view isn't on by default. There is no reason for tablet users to get confused. Lets hope is just another silly move they u-turn on; as they seem to have eventually done in adding a power off.