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Transforming GNOME Into A Linux-Only Project?

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  • Transforming GNOME Into A Linux-Only Project?

    Phoronix: Transforming GNOME Into A Linux-Only Project?

    One of the mailing list messages making the rounds on the Internet today is concerning the GNOME project and whether they should no longer concern themselves with supporting non-Linux operating systems...

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    what exactly could they add that would make gnome "linux only"? other than free-bsd and solaris, what else even uses gnome?


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      Whats all this talk of APIs? POSIX is the one true API.
      So yeah I think it's kind of dumb to drop support for BSD and this guy calling Gnome the "OS" is kind of silly.


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium
        GNOME really should die... KDE is all we need...

        i hope all BSD people and solaris people join the KDE party
        kde is the default for bsd as far as i'm aware. as much as i don't like gnome for my personal use, i do really like how unique it is. i think gnome should stick around, but it isn't heading in a good direction for (what seems to me) a default DE for linux. gnome 2 before it started losing advanced features was a decent default DE.


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          We all know Linux is the real OS, but that's not what most of people think. They think the OS is the thing in front of them. That's why they call ubuntu, mint, fedora an OS. No one is talking about the kernel.

          So techie guys call OS the Linux Kernel, but they make the software to the users.
          Users call the thing they see up front and use it, along with the apps they use, an OS.
          The FSF calls GNU an OS even not having a kernel (sort of) and I kind of agree with them.

          Now people are changing distributions based on the easy of use, niceness of the UI, avaliable apps. All of these are mostly based on the desktop environment. Even Linus Torvalds chooses fedora because "it comes almost ready and I can mostly ignore it".

          So yeah, Gnome is the thing that matters for desktop users, more than the kernel. This move is a way for the the gnome team to say "We matter the most, we will prove it. Just you watch."

          They develop the more important for the users, which is the UI, and will just grab the other stuff, make a distro, and call it an OS.

          I agree with them.


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            Djeez, Gnome should concern themselves with what api's not implementations.

            Seriously, api-centered thinking is the way to go for Gnome.

            Gnome should support systemd by the way.


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              Originally posted by mangueJOE View Post
              They develop the more important for the users, which is the UI, and will just grab the other stuff, make a distro, and call it an OS.

              I agree with them.
              This sounds interesting. I wonder what impact will this have on some Gnome distributions?


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                This clown actually works for RH? GNOME is NOT an operating system. Linux is the operating system -- GNOME is just UI. Someone who can't get that straight really shouldn't be working for RH.

                Limiting GNOME to Linux seems a bit silly, unless there are some *major* benefits to do so. I would like to see any arguments that there actually are any justifications to doing this rather than just for the purpose of being a douchebag. If there aren't, then this is a really sickening proposal that should be expected only from the likes of MS. Intentionally limiting your component to only one kernel is a terrible idea that has no place in open source. If they do this and there aren't any MAJOR justifications for doing this, I will immediately ditch all things GNOME.


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                  so systemd is better than upstart?


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                    Linux is not an OS? I think what he wants to do is create a GNOME distribution.