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GNOME's Zeitgeist Is Coming To The KDE Desktop

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    Bottomline here is: use your PC as if everyone around you was watching over your sholder. Simply accept that privacy is no longer.
    Oh fuck that. I and my tinfoil hat shall never accept that.


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      Originally posted by curaga View Post
      Oh fuck that. I and my tinfoil hat shall never accept that.
      I don't have a tinfoil hat you insen-...

      But all joking aside, we (or at least 99% of the western population) li e in a different time. Things have changed dramatically. We post our every move on Social networks and there's a lot of recognision for nearly everything. We should rethink privacy. What is it actualy and what is it for?

      Kids these days at the age of 12 are getting laid almost after they got to become sexualy active. Yeah I'm tooootaly sure your kid would neeever do that... They exchange the story with all details with their friends afterwards. So realy what is privacy? Knowing something about yourself that others don't. Why is that good for? Hiding your own wrongdoing? Maybe. But knowledge is power. So it is fear from government? Yet not a single privacy activist is starting a revolution. The only ones doing it is Wikileaks. So why aren't you? Because you don't truely believe in the cause.


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        Meh... all this indexing of information, but they can't seem to index their own "Help Center." Seriously it hasn't worked since like KDE 2.something. Really. It literally has a UI for a broken feature and it really has been that way for a very long time. They should just scrap the whole Help Center thing anyway because Google is what people use. Especially if no one is interested in developing it.

        One would think they could use Strigi for that, but unfortunately it seems to be all tied up in the Nepomuk crap that no one wants because it's such a resource hog. People notice the resource drain but don't notice the feature gain, basically.

        It really seems funny that all this development time is being spent on indexing information but you can't search the documentation ships with KDE with such tools.

        Oh and if I open up Dolphin and use the "Find File" tool, it's not a lick faster at finding a file. Yeah the past two days that your computer couldn't sleep because Strigi was indexing? All that processing didn't seem to produce anything useful because your KDE search tool apparently has to crawl the files and folders itself to get the job done.

        Don't get me wrong, I'm hard over on the KDE side of the desktop gauge. No offense to the Gnome crowd, despite having a perfectly fine development toolkit, I just don't like the UIs exposed to me as an end user for most GTK applications. Conversely, QT/KDE applications typically have a great UIs despite what seemingly is an increasingly fucked up development toolkit.

        I just think that some of the stuff they do is a bit crazy, off target, and genuinely not useful. If you're going to add that kind of complexity then the user shouldn't feel like nothing was lost when they turn it off and FORGET ABOUT IT (which is what most KDE users seem to be doing).

        Good software is at least useful or fun. If it's neither people will look at you funny and rant on forums.