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Google Preparing To Rollout Stable Chrome Releases Even Faster

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    There would be an issue of websites no longer being able to identify if the version of the browser is new enough
    It has always been not enough since... decades ago?

    The UA detection is full of hacks and lies, just to not break the web. Websites should always use feature test not version test, because the version number in UA is lying since forever. The more you rely on UA, the more broken the web will be.

    A funny fact: macOS UA still reports they are Mac OS X 10.15, and even on arm CPU still reports Intel. Because some stupid web-server think the version number of macOS cannot larger than 10 and some web-server would assume the client is an ancient powerpc mac if the CPU is not Intel. iPads are using Mac UAs nowadays as default because the iPad UA may lead to an "phone version" website providing ridiculous UI on a larger screen. So please please please, don't use UA as client identification anymore, it is broken enough.


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      They can do whatever they want, even release "stable" version every day, I will never use their spying product. Happy with Firefox and blocked goggle cookies.


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        Originally posted by dlq84 View Post

        I don't get what you're saying. Are you under the impression that Chromium aren't developed by Google or something?
        All of those quotes are from imaginary google employees. Clearly you don't know enough about how chrome came to be dominant.