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Firefox 92 vs. Chrome 94 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux

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  • Firefox 92 vs. Chrome 94 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux

    Phoronix: Firefox 92 vs. Chrome 94 Browser Benchmarks On Ubuntu Linux

    Given last week's release of Chrome 94, here are some fresh browser benchmarks looking at Firefox 92 stable against Chrome 94 running on Ubuntu Linux...

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    X11 vs Wayland?

    This seems very lacking...


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      What are real world JavaScript cases where Firefox user experience would be severely impacted vs. Chromium? I'm rather happy with its performance on my Z2 Force Android device, which isn't a rocket, but not low-end either (OctanceV2 score is ~7k).

      On another note: It is unacceptable how Google treats VAAPI support. Or how poor even mouse scrolling speed is configurable on Linux + dumb defaults. These are real world problems for me that Chromium has but Firefox hasn't.
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        Interestingly enough unlike FF, Chrome do not use HW acceleration by default. It would have been interesting to now if FF in tests have HW accel enabled.


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          Interestingly enough Selenium work always with chrome very well just like the Google products

          is this Coincidence ?


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            Who cares about these?

            Chrome is a 600bhp racing Dacia, fast but utter crap.

            Chrome has been stripped down of everything useful and is fast, like a racing car with the driver's seat only and a bare metal interior.
            Like a racing car though, once on the roads there's nothing you can do comfortably with it. And there are so many limitations to it that you prefer the more versatile 150 bhp SUV, that is not as fast but with which you can hit your commute as much as your errands or your holidays travel. Even Microsoft have understood that with Edge.
            And indeed it's quickly become the only decent competition to Firefox.

            Google is sabotaging Chrome, probably a bit less on the desktop than on the mobile front where it's already unusable. It's already dying the way IE did.


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              Horse races are always entertaining, but are a few milliseconds here or there actually meaningful? It would be interesting to see RAM and other resources used under load between the two browsers. Previously the word was Chrome required more resources than Fx? Does that still hold true? From my experience, both browsers perform adequately and I don't really notice a performance difference between them. What I am concerned about however is privacy and the security implications of having everyone use the same browser engine. Speaking of privacy, why is Fx now showing my Facebook container activated for this forum?
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                I have to agree with multiple previous posters here. In practice this performance difference isn't noticeable for the tasks I do in a browser (generally quite light, no gaming in browsers) on the computers I have (quite powerful desktop and powerful ThinkPad laptops, which I need for the development I do).

                ​​​​​I also love that Firefox has better privacy features and seem to some extent to respect me, rather than treat me as the commodity. A good adblocker and noscript helps.

                The one exception to me using Firefox is on my Android phone (a OnePlus 6) where I ended up using a chromium based browser (Brave specifically) due to noticeably slower page loads.

                Your milage may of course vary with your hardware and the tasks you do.


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                  Hum... It would be nice if in these tests the RAM allocated by the processes was monitored since RAM management is a big differentiating factor when it comes to browsers.


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                    This article looks kind of incomplete, with no OB links or anything at the end, just suddenly ending.