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Firefox 89 Beta Released With UI Changes

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  • Firefox 89 Beta Released With UI Changes

    Phoronix: Firefox 89 Beta Released With UI Changes

    With Firefox 88 released yesterday, the Firefox 89 beta is now available for testing. Notable this time around is refining of the web browser's user interface...

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    Those tabs look like absolute garbage...

    // EDIT
    They apparently removed support for "compact" mode, which means, we are stuck with these gigantic ugly UI. At least officially. UI density setting in about:config should still work.
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      Ew, leave it alone. Every time I get used to the last step backwards the next one's arrived.


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        The new UI is IMO horrible:

        - Tabs now look completely detached from actual pages
        - No delimiters between inactive tabs: they all look like one single something (except for horrible X'es which I disable by default)
        - The new tab bar is a lot taller and wastes a ton of precious vertical space
        - No icons in menus (grey icons were already horrible enough)
        - No compact density for the address bar
        - It looks kinda childish

        Looks like it was designed by a new breed of designers who have no idea what design is and why it exists.

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          Here's Firefox 89 for ya:


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            Even after enabling compact mode on FF89, the UI is not compact anymore. On old version the height of tabs + address bar with compact mode is 64px on my monitor. New version is 74px.


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              I like the new look, but agree it could use more of a connection to the current tab - just to make it easier to see what tab you are on.


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                Seeing your screenshots doesn't excite me either. Forget the Ubuntu theme which is awful of him, it would be useful to see FF with its default theme.
                However, I don't understand Mozilla obsession with changing the theme so often.


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                  Another trendy home-run by Mozilla /s

                  Once I learned Firefox has telemetry enabled by default I was not happy. Also parent company Mozilla seems to have done a shitty job stewarding the open source browser.

                  I use LibreWolf -- Firefox fork with Telemetry disabled and Adblock and other privacy features enabled by default. It's not perfect, but it works as my daily driver just fine and has good activity in the gitlab.


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                    Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
                    Another trendy home-run by Mozilla /s
                    Thanks, did no know about LibreWolf; I'll have a look.

                    I use Waterfox Classic for a selection of addons I absolutely need and no longer work since Quantum arrived, and Brave as a daily driver at home.

                    Sadly at work I basically have to use Chrome.

                    I really wish Mozilla would stop messing around with things that aren't broken. It's like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.