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Blender 2.81 In Next Phase Of Development With NVIDIA RTX Optix, Intel Open Image Denoise

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    I still feel the UI is confusing in 2.80, they redesigned it, and it is probably much better now, but I still find it confusing. I guess it must be very difficult to make this kind of software easy to use and intuitive.
    The old Blender GUI was very confusing, but the new (2.80) is much better for those of us that don't use blender every day. It is a lot more intuitive for most tasks, but I agree with you - there is a couple of things that are confusing and a lot of things change depending on what you selected elsewhere. It seems like they are working on that too and maybe that is one of the reasons they removed the old rendering engine as well.

    My biggest nag with blender is the navigation. Lightwave 3D does this right from my point of view. It has been a while since I used it , but from what I can remember all you had to do was to toggle between two keys and you could easily navigate around. I purchased a 3DCONNEXION 3D mouse to use with Blender (works great in Debian with the spacenavd package) , but for Blender 2.80 I might not have bothered as I could understand how to get around easily thanks to the default setup.

    The UI is fine now , but I really hope network rendering for still images gets built in as this would make the entire package a bit more useful for me.... and yes, I am aware of stuff like crowdrender.