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PC-BSD Rolls Into A Rolling Release Distribution

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  • PC-BSD Rolls Into A Rolling Release Distribution

    Phoronix: PC-BSD Rolls Into A Rolling Release Distribution

    PC-BSD, the popular desktop FreeBSD-based operating system that's rather friendly towards conventional end-users, has now become a rolling release platform...

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    And it features preconfigured pkgng repositories. Finally, the "apt" clone works like a charm!


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      To reiterate what I said in the post I made before, they're not transitioning to a rolling release model, but rather offering it as an option next to their stable releases.
      Much like what Linux Mint does with LMDE.


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        Linux Mint and LMDE are not the same system. LMDE is a Debian-based distribution, Linux Mint is Ubuntu-based. Like CentOS is not Fedora.


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          I understand the technical differences between LM and LMDE, I was just pointing out that they aren't fully 'transitioning' to a rolling release model and using an example that many people here would be aware of.
          Either way, it's a welcome addition that I hope will make PC-BSD more appealing to desktop users.


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            Oh look, our Linsux loser kid has a new name, trying to mock those who can't read too well.


            Originally posted by CthuIhux View Post
            It's an "apt-get" fork
            Have you ever worked with apt-get?
            If so, you would know that pkg can do much more. It can even search, apt-get can't.

            Fail noob.


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              Originally posted by CthuIhux View Post
              It's an "apt-get" fork that has the GPL removed (illegal)
              So you are openly accusing them of doing illegal things without providing any proof. One could think about lawsuit against you for that, since that may count as libel and slander. IP has been logged by Phoronix (I doubt that you are intelligent enough to know about proxies).
              Reported for banning, you looser, go back to school and learn something useful.


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                why bash them

                ive been using linux and bsd for 20+ years, your childish bashing of bsd pcbsd whatever is really unproductive. while I can agree linux does have ease of use in their basket, linux cannot even come close to the track record on security that bsd has. if im running a server, bsd hands down, if I want a desktop, linux, hands down. if you really hate pcbsd then grab the source, change it, release it and make it better.. just my opinion


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                  Originally posted by minister View Post
                  if I want a desktop, linux, hands down
                  Why not PC-BSD?


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                    Originally posted by Cthulhux View Post
                    Why not PC-BSD?
                    I have pcbsd on one of my machines hosting abyss web server app for my website and never had a problem