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NetBSD Is Paying For DRM With KMS/GEM

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  • NetBSD Is Paying For DRM With KMS/GEM

    Phoronix: NetBSD Is Paying For DRM With KMS/GEM

    When it comes to kernel mode-setting and open-source graphics drivers, the BSD operating system with the best support is presently FreeBSD. For those, however, using NetBSD, improvements are forthcoming with an investment by the NetBSD Foundation...

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    Different kernels ?

    Just wondering... Are the BSD kernels different ? Shouldn't porting DRM to one of them be all that's needed modulo some minor differences ? Or is there more difference between BS distributions than between Linux distributions ?


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      The kernels are very much different. Unlike Linux distributions, which are collections of (somewhat) independently developed software put together to make an operating system, the BSD base systems are a single unit. The base systems are developed independently (though code and drivers are often ported between them). Ignore the fact that BSD stands for "Berkely Software Distribution" - it's a historical thing :-)

      FreeBSD and NetBSD both started out from the same code, but that was about 25 (or more) years ago, so they've had plenty of time to diverge.