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ReactOS Pushes Out A New Operating System Release

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  • ReactOS Pushes Out A New Operating System Release

    Phoronix: ReactOS Pushes Out A New Operating System Release

    The developers behind ReactOS, the free software operating system working to re-implement the architecture of Microsoft Windows XP/2003 and attaining binary compatibility with existing Windows software, is now out with a new release. The ReactOS release came about one year ago, but out this afternoon is the brand new ReactOS 0.3.12...

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    There is no point to have a custom DirectX API there, users can just install the Windows one. As far as I know, the full installer still exist. They just need the 3D drivers to work as expected, they can use the Windows one, it's the whole point of the project. Otherwise, they would have worked on Wine. They don't need Galium or anything, Windows already have those system and they are sometime better than those from Linux (XRender vs. Direct2D).


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      Originally posted by Elv13 View Post
      There is no point to have a custom DirectX API there, users can just install the Windows one.
      That's of questionable legality, IIRC.


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        Technically, it is possible to write windows drivers with Gallium3D, though I haven't heard of any in existence. If directx redistributables require a windows license, then this would be a good alternative.

        Also, it would be nice for the ReactOS people to help contribute upstream to the Gallium3D ecosystem.

        Though I realize the temptation to just download a directx redistributable is high, if it is possible to do that.


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          By the way, is ReactOS mature enough to run the directx redistributable and catalyst drivers?


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            Great I love ReactOS and Haiku and after a bit of slow news, this is realy great to hear ^^,


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              I guess ReactOS also compatible with virus, malware and other crap like windows, right?


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                They aim for "bug for bug" compatibility, so viruses should run. Well "bug" of probably means more design flaws then true bugs, so some exploits that are quickly fixed (by MS) shouldn't be doable by Ros, but they probably have enough of their own.

                And about DirectX, a long time ago, some said they were running the official Dx binaries on Ros, but I never really found a tutorial on how to do so.
                And I don't think the Catalyst drivers will run, but then I didn't try it on real hardware yet. But the new version also crashed for me in Virtualbox, so even if it would work, its not yet even in alpha stage.


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                  I played with it for a few hours. It's really neat to see what they've accomplished and I wish them luck in their endeavor.

                  But, as they state clearly their site: This is definitely *alpha* software. And I mean really really alpha, not what you might be accustomed to if you're used to alpha Linux distros where the foundation is based on already working previous versions (typing this from a system where I've already enabled the Natty repos). I've managed to hang ReactOS a few times just playing around.


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                    I like the idea of this OS, Had a great time with windows 2000/xp.