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NetBSD 9.0 Debuts As The "Best NetBSD Release Ever"

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    kylew77 here how to get ZFS on roots on NetBSD :

    starshipeleven PkgSrc is cross platform you can use it on Solaris , MacOS, Linux, smartOS etc


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      Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
      I think you misspelled "retribution".
      A) It's time to grow up. For you. Justifiying something as "but opposition is doing it too" is something which is more commonly found among pre-schoolers.
      B) Sneering and generic shitstorms against BSD's have been in Phoronix, since it started. Certain crowd simply does not see "another opensource OS" but take it as a competitor to their LoveChild Linux and want it to be snuffed out. Thus the persistent hate.
      C) If you check THIS thread, you see certain individuals found it by themselves without any external provocation. If you don't count article with a title about "something BSD" being the provocation.


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        Originally posted by jaypatelani View Post
        kylew77 here how to get ZFS on roots on NetBSD :
        That is very interesting that there is a hack around for root on ZFS. Maybe version 10 will support an easy install like on the FreeBSD curses based installer.

        Edit: Upon reading this it is very experimental and you don't get the benefits of ZRAID or ZFS encryption or the check summing of important system files because they are all stored on a FFS partion.
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          kylew77 maybe in NetBSD 10.0 or before it will be easy patch to apply once it's commited.