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    I always had bad experiences with HP trackpoints. The last Dell trackpoints I tested were good, but I avoid Dell laptops for another reason:

    Every Dell laptop I've had in my hand had very problematic power supply issues, and I not only mean bad quality power supply that break down (it can be workarounded by buying some spare), but doing very wrong things with the power lines and ground line. I work for some FM radio stations, and I know a Dell laptop must not be plugged on the same power line a mix table is plugged on too. For every Dell laptop I tried, that always was a complete disaster: peeing parasitic noises to any audio device through the ground line. That's why, for every Dell laptop intended to be used for audio purpose, I have to provide a gadget that cut the laptop's ground line, something that is not safe, and endangers users. So, Dell laptop is a no-go : you have to chose between doing the job you're paid for, or risk your life.

    I never never never had power supply issue with a Thinkpad, they are high quality power supplies, like the whole.


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      +1 Repairability

      My dream laptop:
      Let me buy custom top quality parts and duct tape them together to my own liking. I have a high budget. "Build quality" my ass.
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        Bought my Notebook is a Lenovo y50-70 1920x1080 Nvidia Optimus GTX 860m in june 2014 as I wanted a replacement for my MSI GT663 Nvidia GTX460 gaming notebook. As my old MSI had a 512GB SSD put that in the Lenovo and it worked straightaway with dual booting. Only change I had to make in Debian jessie at that time was to install BumbleBee to run games with optirun under Linux or Wine.

        I also have a Brother DCP-9015CDW laser printer in my network, just installed the drivers from Brother and it all works printing and scanning.

        Do have to mention in our home network we have a RS6000 360 (AIX 4.3.2), 1 desktop Win10, 1 desktop dual boot Debian/Win7, 1 notebook dual boot Debian/Win7 and 1 notebook Win10 plus the various phones/tablets.