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2017 Linux Laptop Survey

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  • 2017 Linux Laptop Survey

    Phoronix: 2017 Linux Laptop Survey

    It has been a few years since last running any Linux hardware surveys on Phoronix, as overall the ecosystem has rather matured nicely while of course there are still notable improvements to be had in the areas of GPUs and laptops. (Additionally, provides a plethora of analytic capabilities when not seeking to collect subjective data / opinions.) But now we are hosting the 2017 Linux Laptop Survey to hopefully further improvements in this area...

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    I wish there was a "Other" option in the "Are your laptop(s) dual-boot with another operating system?" question, since I multi-boot with Linux distros, Windows and OS X.


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      +1 for other and/or a macOS option


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        came here for this. MacBooks are very good linux machines.


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          I bought a discounted Acer Aspire S13 for 500.- two weeks ago. It even runs Mad Max in Vulkan beautifully. A similar Mac would have cost 3x more. Ubuntu all works perfectly out of the box.


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            Filled out the survey. Not unhappy with my HP EliteBook 725 G2, but it would have been nice if there had been decent laptops out there without a Broadcom WLAN card (which, of course, I had to replace, that piece of garbage had severe driver issues even on Windows).


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              Originally posted by doom_Oo7 View Post
              came here for this. MacBooks are very good linux machines.
              Recently "reviewed" two high end ultra-book sized laptops with Linux, too:
              Lenovo /470s
              Dell XPS13:

              Actually the latest Macs are not the best Linux laptops. The very new ones have unusable iBridge virtual function keys ARM co processor, the actual GPU modes do not expose the integrated graphics for automatic graphic switching, the latest Broadcom wifi does not work with open source drivers, etc. pp.

              In my opinions the laptops I unboxed in the YT videos make for much better Linux machines and are also more user serviceable / upgradable. M.2 SSD, RAM etc, and battery!

              Also Lenovo T470s quite snappy running Windows 10 guests in Qemu/KVM and encoding the desktop screen capture using Intel QuickSync hardware accelerated in the background:
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                Would have been nice to have seen options there for selecting more than one graphics option or there being PRIME combinations

                My Skylake/Tonga Alienware laptop is still going strong, would have been nice to have seen a resolution question and something about external monitors too
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                  I am looking forward for the results of this survey, it might be very interesting.
                  The main issue I am facing and the reason I don't use Linux on my laptop is thermal management, I tried everything but I never managed to keep the CPU to idle correctly or stay at low frequency under light use with means it runs hot, the battery life is bad and it is loud.

                  Under windows (or macOS but it is not supported) I can use the laptop for a whole day without triggering the fans (web browser + mail client), under any linux distribution I tried (with both P-state and acpi-cpufreq) the only way I could get this cold and silent behavior is by forcing the cpu to stay at low frequency.


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                    What has been your budget (USD) on your most recent laptop purchase for use with Linux?
                    option 6 just says option 6.