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    Originally posted by synaptix View Post
    The only problem with this is usually degraded performance. For example installing xubuntu-desktop on vanilla Ubuntu doesn't give the same performance as Xubuntu itself.
    That's not true. The software that gets installed is exactly the same, all the Xubuntu installer does is install xubuntu-desktop instead of ubuntu-desktop. Installing both only means that you will consume more disk space, because you have both desktops installed instead of one, but performance is unaffected because only one will run at a time.


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      Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post
      You've got to be kidding. If something is crap it's definitely Fedora. It has messed up installer and bugs which make it unusable for typical users. For example:

      - it doesn't install language pack
      - it cannot be upgraded with graphical package manager
      - it doesn't reboot after manual upgrade
      - it doesn't allow to easily install codecs and proprietary drivers

      All of these I've experienced in Fedora KDE spin and gnome version is probably even worse, because it has much different UI and doesn't even provide basic configuration options.
      hmm lets see

      - it doesn't install language pack
      - it cannot be upgraded with graphical package manager
      - it doesn't reboot after manual upgrade
      that can be any OS
      - it doesn't allow to easily install codecs and proprietary drivers
      Same for most any Linux Even Ubuntu thats why i install the Drivers using the Terminal..
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        Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post

        Quite frankly I'm surprised that Xubuntu and Mint got so low votes.
        XFCE is good but I'm not sure what it's future is since it's currently natively tied to Xorg by GTK2, and Xubuntu is currently primarily maintained by one man, which could be a problem in the future. It's a great distribution for older systems though.

        I'm surprised Manjaro is getting 14% so far. I didn't think it was that popular; it only has 1,278 Facebook Likes which represents 0.1%. Same for openSUSE: 14% on here, 3.6% on Facebook.

        Google Trends is probably a more accurate indicator of interest: ubuntu vs sabayon vs opensuse vs debian vs fedora

        and xubuntu vs sabayon vs manjaro vs mint vs fedora


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          Well if you think it is hard to install codecs and prop drivers on Fedora, you obviously don't know about:

          easyLife allows new and even experienced users to install and configure software on Fedora, just by clicking. It's simple and clean. Among others, these are some of easyLife features:
          Sets "sudo" command up for your regular user;
          Configures RPMFusion repository for extra and non-free software;
          Installs Flash Player plugin;
          Installs all kinds of Codecs (h264,divx,xvid,mp3 etc);
          Installs nvidia and ati drivers;
          Installs Skype;
          Installs Sun Java and Sun Java Plugin for Firefox;
          Integrates Sun Java with system-switch-java;
          And many others...
          Ubuntu really isn't more userfriendly than most distros.

          I bet Debian and openSUSE voters would rather see Fedora if it is just about Fedora vs. Ubuntu. No not everyone will vote for their favorite distro. I like many other Arch users voted for Fedora.
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            Ubuntu without Unity

            Latest Ubuntu without unity so i voted for Xubuntu!


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              fedora gets my vote.


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                Arch ftw

                Arch, because it is the closest to upstream.


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                  Originally posted by chrisb View Post
                  Every distribution that updates its repositories with new package versions has the same problem. If you installed Fedora 17 on the day it was released and install it again now you will see many package versions changed which invalidates any benchmarking. It's very hard to manually rollback a system to match what was benchmarked long ago. Debian and Ubuntu actually have a tool to do this, to capture the package system state on one system and restore it exactly on another: apt-clone
                  Even then, having a number or a designated name is important, or otherwise you would have to specify the date every time. Also, even if the packages change after updates, the base system usually stays constant. Fedora is a bit of an exception in that regard, really.


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                    Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
                    I bet Debian and openSUSE voters would rather see Fedora if it is just about Fedora vs. Ubuntu.
                    Not me. Although I prefer Fedora as a distro -- I wouldn't touch any Ubuntu derivative myself with a ten-foot pole -- I think Ubuntu is the second-best distro for setting up and running tests on a wide variety of software and would certainly vote for it over anything besides openSUSE for these sorts of tests.

                    The reasons I picked openSUSE over Ubuntu is that OBS supports ARM and automatic vcs retrieval while PPA doesn't and Ubuntu doesn't have anything like SUSE Studio for creating bootable CD, DVD, or USB images.


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                      Let me think?

                      Ubuntu Linux: that?s a phone OS and company so it shouldn?t even be on the list.
                      Sabayon / Gentoo-based: that could be a good one, but they use systemd so I don?t care about it.
                      Manjaro / Arch-based: same as Sabayon.
                      Xubuntu: Good one but still kinda Ubuntu unfortunately.
                      openSUSE: systemd.
                      Fedora: systemd.
                      Mint: popular with new and less technical Linux users, but they don?t read Phoronix.
                      Debian Sid: would be a great choice if they didn?t have extremely outdated packages (took them more than one year to update to Xfce 4.10).

                      Guess I?ll just vote Xubuntu for now.