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Tapatalk support please?

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  • Tapatalk support please?

    I would really love to be able to access Phoronix Forums via Tapatalk like I do other favorite forums.

    For those unaware it's a great client for the iPhone OS, Android, Blackberry, and others that makes forums much nicer to use on a small display.

    It's my understanding that is a pretty simple plugin the administrator has to install.

    Any thoughts?

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    I haven't looked into it too closely or investigated it fully yet. However, It doesn't look like Tapatalk allows integrated ads from the forum host, so chances are it would be a Phoronix Premium-only feature if it was implemented.
    Michael Larabel


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      Hmm I hadn't considered the ad thing. I'm not sure that Tapatalk can be configured to be a "premium" only type thing though, if I understand how it integrates with the forum correctly. It would be a nice perk for Premium members though.

      Tapatalk does cost $2.99 if you want more than read only access but thats just a one time fee... at least on the iPhone, I presume the Android client will split the same way when it is out of beta.


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        Whatever happened to this idea?


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          I would love that feature.
          Ads could be delivered as posts? Then they are still there. Not sure how this would work out thougj


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            It doesn't look like Tapatalk allows integrated ads from the forum


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              Since the forum update I no longer have access through tapatalk. Is this on purpose (no longer supported) or a bug?