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Heaven 4.0 benchmark - suggested improvements

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  • Heaven 4.0 benchmark - suggested improvements



    I have noticed a problem with your Heaven 4.0 benchmark on .

    The benchmark settings that you are using are non-standard, non-comparable to other results on the Internet, and those settings do not produce "sufficiently fair" results across architectures and generations of GPUs. There also a few other issues. I really like the Heaven benchmark otherwise, so I thought I could help there.

    I can post the correct command lines for multiple benchmark settings, if you are interested. But it will be a long post, and requires some work from my side, so I would like a confirmation from you that you are interested (i.e. that you will at least read/consider what I write).

    Are you interested?

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    This is the best I could figure out:
    The first issue is that other websites are testing with the TESSELLATION_EXTREME setting, but doesn't specify the tessellation setting, so it defaults to TESSELLATION_NORMAL.
    However, that should only give 15% higher scores, but results are higher 30% than expected (inconsistently).

    I don't know where the remaining difference in FPS results comes from.
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      Oh, I got it.
      Openbenchmarking omits the parameter
      -project_name "Heaven"
      That disables antialiasing. Since some GPUs are better at antialiasing, and some are worse, it produce s inconsistencies compared to results from other websites.

      I think that testing with antialiasing=off will not produce representative results. Everyone has been using antialiasing for at least a few years.


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        I just tested it and I can confirm that you can get back antialiasing by adding the parameter:
        -video_multisample 3

        To get extreme tesselation, use:
        Also, I think that not setting video-mode is a really bad idea for many reasons.
        For 1280x720, use: -video_mode 3
        For 1600x900, use: -video_mode 5
        For 1920x1080, use: -video_mode 6

        And I really think that fullscreen should not be allowed, for many many reasons, so that option should be disabled.


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          And I got many other details added here (but it is a long post):
          (edit / TLDR): Antialiasing is disabled on Openbenchmarking (but it shouldn't be), and also Tessellation:Normal is used instead of Tessellation:Extreme. As I have said in another thread, I have noticed a problem with the Heaven 4.0 benchmark on . The benchmark settings that is using


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            I got you the solution, two posts above, if you are interested. Just a ping.