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Facebook's HipHop Can Now Build Grimstad

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  • Facebook's HipHop Can Now Build Grimstad

    Phoronix: Facebook's HipHop Can Now Build Grimstad

    Announced to the public last year by Facebook was HipHop, an open-source project that transforms PHP code into highly-optimized C++ and then uses the GCC C++ compiler to produce a native system binary. Facebook's original numbers showed that by using this transformer/compiler on their servers the CPU usage went down by about 50% and they were able to supply around 70% more traffic on existing resources since the PHP code is no longer being dynamically interpreted. Here's a look at Facebook's HipHop during some of our first tests...

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    - what are they doing in the c++ that makes it x86_64 only? 64-bit asm?
    - 33.7mb, is that stripped?


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      BTW, looking forward to PHP-less binaries of PTS releases


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        Um, well isn't that a nice example how free software allows you to tune things and improve for your needs?
        Even though I avoid facebook and the like it's good to see that a large enterprise has seen the benefits of free software and also gave some contribution back.
        Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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          there's some functions (e.g. the eval() call) and other items that HipHop doesn't yet implement
          It looks like there's an option to enable eval support, see this. But that'd call an interpreter, which isn't necessarily a good idea


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            Oh yeah I remeber that. There were three seperate teams and this particular version turned out to be the best one.

            Very interesting...