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Question regarding new installation of PTS 3 .

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  • Question regarding new installation of PTS 3 .

    I have installed PTS 2.8 in debian squeeze. Must i remove it in order to install 3.0?
    Also just checking but i ask cause i dont see it mentioned in the site or in faq. So PTS 2.8 cant sent results to openbenchmark?


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    From my experience, 2.8 will not send results to You can install 3.0 without removing 2.8 no problem. It just updates the scripts.

    One thing I did notice though, 3.0 doesn't use the same 'installed-tests' folder, it puts a pts folder inside the 'installed-tests' folder. You should build a download-cache folder... I forget the exact syntax, but just type 'phoronix-test-suite' and look for it. Should be something like 'phoronix-test-suite build-download-cache'.
    Then you can do a rm -Rf .phoronix-test-suite/installed-tests/*
    Then install 3.0
    Then run/install whichever benchmarks you want and it should find most of them in your download cache. A lot have been updated or added though and will will still have to download.