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Three Things That Annoy Me With Using GNOME 3

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  • Three Things That Annoy Me With Using GNOME 3

    Phoronix: Three Things That Annoy Me With Using GNOME 3

    At the beginning of this month I wrote how I switched back to Fedora Linux on my main system to replace Ubuntu and also wrote about changes I made when installing Fedora 21 on my main system, a new ThinkPad ultrabook with Broadwell processor. There's three small things that annoy me the most though about using GNOME 3.x...

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    #1 I don't like desktop icons at all, but you can add them back easily as you stated.
    #2 This behavior is going to go back to using just Del for deleting files in Nautilus 3.16 last I heard.
    #3 Never really bothered me. I think most DEs have Set as Wallpaper on RMC?


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      You're using it wrong!


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        Fedora provides a choice of pre-installed desktop environments; GNOME is just the default.


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          Sounds like he would like cinnamon!

          As for the #3 the right mouse click set wallpaper is VERY common. I think it was openbox I was using where RMC was actually a menu that was brought up.


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            What's with the messaging menu? -- The super + m thing. Cumbersome and not useful. I use a couple of extensions to make it go away + get messages elsewhere. The search in the dash could stand to be refined. Otherwise it's great. I didn't even try Gnome 3 for awhile because of all the FUD when it first released. When I finally did, I was pleasantly surprised and this coincided with the bloated mess that Unity had become. Switched and never looked back. The extension thing is genius. It seems so obvious that something that worked so well for browsers should also work for DE's.


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              Yea..del key not doing any del annoys me as well. I actually thought that was a bug till this article. Thanks for pointing that out Michael.
              Glad it will be fixed for next release


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                I don't miss desktop icons a bit. I have a category menu on the top bar, Applications menu on the sidebar, and another application menu on Workspaces to dock that conveniently switches back to desktop from overview also. Oh, and my DE came with the tweak tool and some extensions by default.
                The "Places Status Indicator" extension for the top bar has all your folder shortcuts on a dropdown. When I use it and for example select Archives Thunar opens right to it.

                One of the first things I did was switch to Thunar file manager. I still use the gnome one for file searches though. Yea that bugged be not being able to hit delete.

                Thunar has set as wallpaper in drop down.

                Just like you I am thoroughly impressed by Gnome 3.14 and can't help but use it as the yardstick by which I measure other DE's.
                And they all fail....


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                  It isn't that bad
                  Good -- unbelievable -- then I happily continue using Cinnamon and not recommending GNOME3 to anyone.


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                    Originally posted by opensource View Post
                    Good -- unbelievable -- then I happily continue using Cinnamon and not recommending GNOME3 to anyone.
                    I just killed all 3 of his inconveniences BTW. You can now happily recommend Gnome.