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    Originally posted by curaga View Post
    KDE's stance seems entirely sane. Systemd only on Wayland, and even there not a hard requirement.
    Read the whole thing again, systemd will be a hard requirement for running plasma desktop on wayland. You can still manually start kwin, but starting the whole desktop will require systemd (unless someone else is willing to do the work to make something else work, which no one else is). kwin is just one component of the desktop.


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      Originally posted by Styromaniac View Post
      He only took a short break from writing a few months ago. That's clearly evident if you visit the Gaming On Linux website. He's since resumed writing for the website a while back.
      Correction, he isn't writing articles anymore. I sincerely thought he resumed writing.

      Note:  This blog post outlines upcoming changes to Google Currents for Workspace users. For information on the previous deprecation of Googl...