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  • Originally posted by Honton View Post
    Too bad you missed the point. It is about the contributors, not commits. So you need to apologize for your behavior. Unless you want to be like the Ubuntu Boys who harass the Kwin maintainer because he won't accept doing the maintenance for some CLAed software. The KDE Mob is no better the the Ubunutu Mob. Any mob defending CLA as an exlusive right for some company is an embarrassment to Free software. And those people are to be blamed for the mess hitting the fan right now.

    Oh and here is some fresh KDE digest numbers for you.
    Issue 308, 6th October 2013: 1404 Commits by 121 developers. I don't need to tell you that these numbers are the worst seen in many years? KDE is dying. But Im willing to give the Ubuntu Mob some credit here.
    Strange.... I read this: 1698 by 139 developers on that issue.

    the 13th October got the stats you posted. Get your facts straight.

    And this was september 2013: 1755 by 154 developers

    Hardly an evidence. Just a natural Occuring up and down. No developer is forced to make a fixed amount of commits. But now you know


    • Originally posted by Honton View Post
      Unless you want to be like the Ubuntu Boys who harass the Kwin maintainer because he won't accept doing the maintenance for some CLAed software.
      Once again you show that you have no clue at all what you are talking about. Since when are Canonical's contributions to KDE/KWin subject of Canonical's CLA?

      1404 Commits by 121 developers.
      And here you show that you have not at all understood what valeriodean was trying to tell you.

      Good job showing the world that you are a troll not capable following simple logic.


      • Originally posted by kazetsukai View Post
        You people have let this nonsense go on for 15 pages?


        • Honton, your favorite project is dead.


          • statistics and facts

            To all guys here, that rely their arguments on cherry-picking numbers. You all should learn statistics... I made a representative sample of the available data for you so you can discuss facts. It was done in 15 minutes....

            Number of KDE Developers

            January May September
            2006 --- 206 212
            2007 199 224 239
            2008 251 223 245
            2009 249 --- ---
            2010 --- --- 190
            2011 154 199 208
            2012 200 170 181
            2013 171 139 155

            means 204 194 204

            The data is from the kde commit-digest, first digest of each month. If first issue had no data, next one was used. --- means that there was no data.

            What you see, is that there was a decline in 2010. But since then numbers are quite stable. To call this the death of a project is bulshit.
            You see this better in the additional graph of the means of every year from the above sample:

            cheers, tomme


            • Originally posted by Honton View Post
              Thank you for adding more data. This confirms the decline since 2009. Your averaged data shows no samples as low as the recent one of 121 contributors. Having single point of data taking it to a new extreme low only support the claim of KDE dying. Thank you.
              There are no averages in the numbers above...


              • and have you ever heard something that is called outliers? You can NOT take the one time 121 and make of this a trend that supports your thesis - this is statistically not allowed / wrong. We have to wait for some years to see if your thesis is right or wrong.

                by the way - I ask myself why the oloh data shows different numbers - something must be wrong there...


                • Source please...

                  Plot the data so we can see that it is not an outlier. But wait. It can be seen as Trend if you cut the timeline short enough. My goodness honton.
                  I know you are right that it is not an outlier if you look about 6 months back. Yeah for that time you can see a downward trend. But why does that matter for a software project that dates back many years and over this period shows a stable devleloper count of 200 +/-50?
                  Compare 2006 and 2012 - both around 200. But that does not matter also, because it is cherry picking numbers. We see an upward trend until 2010, then a drop, then stable for 2 years. Then a small drop for 2013.

                  But I guess I?ll have to do another plot containing ALL data myself for you, because all the interesting questions and tasks other people here give you, you just evade... sigh. You seem to be a pretty lazy guy, are you?


                  • Thank you too. You have proven to be lazy and to evade questions and sources.
                    Here the kde-dying-graph with monthly values (not means). For you honton, because you do not seem to believe in math or statistics. yeah definitely dying. and so quickly. almost like the titanic.

                    and yes, the 121 is not included because I took only the first value of every month. shame on me


                    • and now compare this to the oloh graph...