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Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM

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  • Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM

    Phoronix: Linux Kernel Whackos: Drop Everything But ARM

    It's not even Friday yet, but there's more awkward entertainment today at the expense of Linux kernel trolls. The latest in the series of weird messages hitting the Linux kernel mailing list is a proposal to drop support for all CPU architectures but ARM and a new "invisible" file-system feature...

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    This looks like an ARM hater troll. Probably the same guy that got very angry some months ago, claiming x86 was all what mattered. Can't remember his name at the moment


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      It saddens me that there are actually people in the world ignorant enough to truly believe that this is a valid idea.


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        OMG... not again...


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          Michael Larabel you are FUCKIN' asshole.
          You keep encouraging this idiots by making them publicity only to have some page views on your site.
          What a selfish and horrible person.


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            Originally posted by Alliancemd View Post
            Michael Larabel you are FUCKIN' asshole.
            You keep encouraging this idiots by making them publicity only to have some page views on your site.
            What a selfish and horrible person.
            While I agree about feeding the troll, PLEASE GO AND FUCK YOURSELF.


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              Originally posted by asdx
              I agree. Fuck you Michael and your shitty site.
              U2. fucking sick of cunts like you. don't come here again.


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                hate these types of articles??? -> EASY SOLUTION

                I like others HATE these stupid trolling pointless articles on Phoronix.

                Michael, you are directly fueling this nonsense - so i have come up with an easy solution;

                I have now enabled adblock+ and noscript for ~ this means you will make zero $$$ from any of my views, i highly suggest other users whom are sick of these stupid articles do the same. I will think about allowing ads after sufficient time of NOT seeing such STUPID articles on the site.

                So take your pick - make money or flame. Frankly, it makes zero difference in my life, which path you choose



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                  Originally posted by The ML thread
                  from: Rich Lawlman

                  That seems totally legit

                  They get 2/10 troll points. I'd love to see a really technical troll getting on the devs nerves but those attempt are pathetic. Even Microsoft's bigboobs was more witty.


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                    Perhaps is teh future

                    Perhaps ARM64 Desktops laptops and ultrabooks with SOHO mainboards where to put several slots of multiple CPU+GPU+RAM with a main SoC, is the future.

                    Late but at time RISC became the winner over CISC.

                    And from Pocket computers to supercomputers RISC ARM64 in arrays processors will beat Intel and AMD CISC processors.

                    But this day is not today, and from supercomputers, to servers and desktop laptop and ultrabooks computers CISC Intel and AMD CPUs are still better.

                    And Linux supports almost every device.

                    But I do not like NOT PUBLIC DRIVERS that a lot of ARM devices have.

                    GPL must do a new version - in my opinion - where hardware vendors MUST PUBLISH THEIR DRIVERS and HARDWARE PACKS for every device. I am not asking for FOSS DRIVERS, I want to download BLOBs too.

                    If we buy an ARM device, tablet or phone, or set top box, we must be able to install whatever Linux we like to, Android, Aliyun, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch Sabayon, Fedora Suse or any fork WITHOUT PUBLIC DRIVERS there are no freedom.

                    Devices with SECRET DRIVERS are as proprietary as any proprietary OS, as you do not have the freedom of changing anything even it is open source.

                    And of course, a standard method for installing ARM distros, from USBs or from other computers as you can do at CISC CPUs with Multisystem or unetbootin or even Yumi USB pendrives installing from ISOs with grub with Linux packages with GUIs for installing from PCs - the ROMs programs are usually MS WOS and OSX only, what a paradox for a Linux kernel OS -

                    I love Android, but i think there must be PUBLIC HARDWARE PACKS for every ARM device in order to be Linux GPL approved, to let the user install whatever Android fork, Aliyun, Debian, Ubuntu, Arch, Sabayon or others they want.