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Alcohol propaganda in Phoronix

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  • Alcohol propaganda in Phoronix

    I visit the Phoronix site daily for the great Linux coverage from Michael Larabel. But there is something that keeps disturbing me. It is his insistence in the alcohol propaganda. While I think drug consumption is bad for him or for anyone else I'm also against prohibition. But I'm also strongly against drug propaganda. It is not only prejudicial to people's health in general but also offensive to others like me. More offensive than religion propaganda.

    Now I ask to Michael. Please consider the potential damage it can cause for those lead to believe that drug consumption is cool or cute. And congratulations for the great work!!!

    PS.: I'm aware of the flame attractiveness of what I'm posting so I ask every one to stay calm and wait a bit before replying.

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    It's beer. Beer! It's sacred. If you dare propose censoring it, *that* is offensive.

    Deal with it.


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      Originally posted by Qaridarium
      yes right censorship against drug use is really offensive!

      its on the same level like raping childs!
      It's worse than that, even. If I had to choose between a beer and letting a child getting raped, I'd take the beer.


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        As someone who doesn't drink alcohol, I couldn't care less about Michael's beer pictures.


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          I started drinking beer in 2007 when I registered this Phoronix account because I thought it was cool, and I wanted to be like my hero, Michael Larabel. But seriously...

          I'm also strongly against drug propaganda.
          Where is the drug propganda? Just posting a picture of the (one) beer you drank/enjoyed or even providing a review is not encouraging anyone to start drinking. I've never seen an alcohol ad or any claim on this site that alcohol is good for you. What do you see as "propaganda" (i.e. citation(s), please)?


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            Originally posted by Qaridarium
            GBL and LSD are healthy
            Good luck with your psychotic episodes. Judging by your tone they are not too far away.


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              I think the beer articles are quirky, and that they make the site more than just a linux hardware news/benchmark site and inject some personality into it. I enjoy the stream of articles being: review, review, news, benchmark, benchmark, latest mesa changes, random beer I found and enjoyed, review, news, benchmark.

              The ratio of beer-stuff to linux-stuff is very strongly in favour of linux-stuff, and as a widespread and legal drug (though that word has many other connotations), I don't think posting about its occasional consumption is problematic. Similarly, I wouldn't have a problem with posting about different coffees that he has found and enjoyed.


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                Even water is toxic for human, all depends on dose size. LSD could cause interim psychosis to normal people, but if you do have latent gene that causes schizophrenia it could make you insane permanently.

                Beer is pretty harmless, it makes you fat That reminds me it's friday, I should go and buy some beer(maybe kozel or something more special)...


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                  Originally posted by tuke81 View Post
                  Beer is pretty harmless
                  I'm sorry I'm raining on everybody's parade. But it is not harmless. In some people dependency will develop in a few years while in others it will take 150 years so they will die much sooner. There is no smart alcohol use. Alcohol dependency does not consider education level, social class, religion, personality or anything else. Indeed, other than genes, it is totally random. But dependency is not the only problem. Alcohol will make it much more probable to someone to be involved in violence, including domestic and vehicle related. Health problems, including those caused by the fat you talk about, are more likely in alcohol users.


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                    I'm sorry, are you complaining Michael posts whatever he wants on his own site?