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Upset that my school is now a "success story" for migration to Windows

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    Originally posted by prophet5 View Post
    An end user if they are restricted from admin usage really shouldn't care what OS they are using as long as they can use the programs they are required to use. My mother the technophobe uses Linux at home. She can send her e-mails, write her whatever it is she writes, download images from her camera. She's even found her Solitaire games. The only thing she can't seem to do is click the little X button to close programs down She knows KDE looks different to the WinXP at work, but she doesn't care.
    Funny, my mom also had no problems using Fedora. As long as the desktop image is pretty she's happy. Maybe moms have some secret super power that enables them to understand linux without being a "linux-geek". Or maybe they just don't have a prejudice against it (unlike some other folks).
    Originally posted by prophet5 View Post
    As for the administrator, I would think it would be less expensive to hire someone who knew the current software being deployed than to replace it all to a different platform
    Yeah right! If it was HIS money being spent that would probably be the case...