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Twitter's New "X" Logo Is Reminding Plenty Of People Around X.Org

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  • Twitter's New "X" Logo Is Reminding Plenty Of People Around X.Org

    Phoronix: Twitter's New "X" Logo Is Reminding Plenty Of People Around X.Org

    The most popular topic among the emails I received this weekend weren't of direct technical nature but the number of people pointing out Twitter's new "X" logo and the similarities to the X.Org logo...

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    "X Window System" is now trending on Twitter

    But TBH, X is one of the most popular letter to name things that "don't now what to call with" (e.g. X files, X-men, Mr X, X Window system, Malcom X). The problem is that Twitter already has its own well-established branding and the blue bird is a well-recognized logo. Windows changed its logo multiple times but we can still tell it is a "window". Apple also changed their logo multiple times but it is still an Apple. I don't know why a business want to destroy its own branding?
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      Elon's quest to destroy twitter is accelerating faster and faster. The platform is basically unusable in its current state.

      I have no idea why anybody still respects that guy.


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        "The bird is not free, the bird is dead." Anonymous‚Äč


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          Talking about twitter, you should stop your daughter following phoronix account around, Michael


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            Xerox logo history is a true reflection of the company’s uniqueness and power. Learn how it looked initially, and how it evolved together with the Xerox enterprise.

            X11 logo just look at the 1968-2008 logo and notice the X at the center of the X11 logo is in fact the Xerox X with a strike though. Yes X core of the X11 logo appears in 1980s.

            Yes that is the new X11 logo as well. The original is still up on the Wikipedia as just the line though X no circle thing around it. Yes 1968-2008 Xerox logo and X11 core logo X look a lot like Twitters.

            Fun part W Windowing System that large sections of early X11 Window System is based on you hear basically nothing about. Yes history gone slightly different and it would have been W11 or the like instead of X11 and we would not have this debate now.

            A party in theory that could take issue with Twitter new X logo likes of Xerox that have exclusively owned fonts that cannot use without permission for trademarks hopefully someone was not dumb enough to do that at twitter. The outside of the X twitter has used does appear to match Xerox 1968-2008 exclusive font. But there are many custom serif typeface out there that are exclusives to one company or another.

            Logo that is a single char taken from a font can be something to get your tail into trouble very quickly if you are not very careful with the font due to how many fonts out there are not allowed to be used with trademarks other than for particular company this comes common detected when the design draws media attention so leading to legal please explain letters. Twitters legal department could be quite busy right now..


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              God damnit Elon, just give up on Twitter and focus on your important projects like SpaceX, Tesla and Neuralink.

              You already had in 2000 which got sold to PayPal, why is it important that all your products have an X in its name!?


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                at this point the only valuable thing left about Twitter was its name/brand.

                And what does Elon do? just throw it away!


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                  This blue bird is really dead this time... There are others who travel through time and continue to sing in our ears

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                    Well, looks like both are equally becoming less and less relevant. Soon they will be X-ed out.