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The Problems Debian Is Facing In 2020

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  • What can Debian do to fix its problems? First thing it can do is completely remove every desktop related package from its repositories and concentrate on being a server OS. It doesn't need to attract Joe Dumb Dumb. Leave that up to Ubuntu. Joe Dumb Dumb can install Debian with desktop packages and think he's cool and hip, but does Joe Dumb Dumb understand regular expressions or how to solve a problem on the command line? Probably not, we don't want people like that here.

    Sure APT can autoremove packages that are no longer depended on, but how about packages that are deprecated? I worked on a Debian server today and found years of packages built up that are no longer in the Buster repository. What do I just let them pile up on our machine? And don't suggest aptitude. APT is in your base system, aptitude is not and we shouldn't need to install a new package to remove other packages.

    Remove this idiot from heading the project. Why on Earth do you think you need to make a statement about BLM? Are you thinking of statement in favor of it or against? If you were smart you'd realize that the moment has zero to do with black lives. If it did they'd be in Chicago protesting black on black murders every weekend. But go ahead, join all the anarchist socialist organizations and publicly slap law enforcement in the face.