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Purism Hopes To Default To GNOME On The Librem 5 Phone, But Still Supporting KDE

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  • Purism Hopes To Default To GNOME On The Librem 5 Phone, But Still Supporting KDE

    Phoronix: Purism Hopes To Default To GNOME On The Librem 5 Phone, But Still Supporting KDE

    Purism has been supporting both the GNOME and KDE projects with their mobile ambitions and looking to have both desktop environments feature their wares on the in-development Librem 5 smartphone. But as far as the default user experience/interface goes on the Librem 5, they are leaning towards GNOME...

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    They previously announced they hoped KDE to be the premier environment. This fractured and indecisive non-strategy here doesn't inspire much confidence.


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      Cue Gnome hate in 3...2...1...


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        The best part:
        GTK+ and the GNOME “shell” development, that Purism is planning to be directly invested in, in close collaboration with upstream
        gnome-shell could use some love, looking forward to the improvements


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          Not Gnome hate, but GTK is pretty bad at mobile UIs. That's about it. Qt is light years ahead. So whether they are going to use KDE or Gnome is less of a question, but whether they'll use Qt or GTK is what's important.

          They really should have learned from others' mistakes.


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            It will not be an easy feat to get mobile Gnome Shell running on a phone with a good UX in under a year, but good luck Purism!

            My guess is that I will have to use Plasma Mobile at the release of the Librem 5 until the mobile UX for Gnome Shell get better.


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              Well, that was expected. A choice had to be made anyway. I regret this choice too, but many people would have regretted the opposite one. What counts the most is that both will be supported !


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                I hope that GNOME will actually be ready by the time they need it to be, otherwise that's going to be really painful for Purism.

                It is good to hear that they're not just throwing everything in behind KDE, since the Plasma Mobile project is actually on a steady path, GNOME seems more in need of their support.


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                  Xfce works fine on my Nexus 5 and with intelligent hiding of the panel and desktop icons it even looks/feels a lot like Android/iOS, so users are immediately comfortable with no learning curve. And it took all of one week to develop... OK, so I can't actually make a phone call but anywho...

                  I'll probably put Plasma Mobile on it when I'm done playing though... so I can steal their kernel and dialer app. Purism really has nothing to offer me at this point, except maybe pointless arguments with Gnome devs about workflow nonsense.


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                    Originally posted by Jumbotron View Post
                    Cue Gnome hate in 3...2...1...
                    No hate from me. As a phone / tablet interface is perhaps the only place where Gnome 3 might work. I think DWM or Gnome 2 would be far too fiddly for a user to control via touch on a small phone display.