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X.Org 7.4 Finally Released

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  • X.Org 7.4 Finally Released

    Phoronix: X.Org 7.4 Finally Released

    It's been a hell of a time getting X.Org 7.4 out the door, but this afternoon Adam Jackson has released this long-delayed update to this X system. X.Org 7.4 is arriving after the release of X Server 1.5.1 earlier in the day. Yes, it's finally here! In this article we have information on the features that make up this release along with what it's taken to get X.Org 7.4 primed for release.

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    Congrats to all the X devs, pushing and linux (unix) graphics forward is hard work.

    Btw a little off-topic, but: what's up with nouveau? Haven't heard from them in a while.