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KMSCON Is Getting Ready To Kick The Kernel Console

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    Did we really need another Pulseaudio/SystemD thread?


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      It's quickly becoming the new Nazis, the longer any topic goes on the probability of Lennart being mentioned grows near 1.


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        I'm pretty excited for this to get some traction. We will get full featured, hardware accelerated consoles. I imagine that Valve and the linux gaming community at large are cheering for this kind of development. I don't think we'll be seeing console software much more that we see been developed today, but mplayer, maybe SDL, with a KMS console support would be great.

        As a gentoo user, I can't say anything about systemd. Although I also use Ubuntu, "it just works" and I don't mind about the under the hood things, like I care when it concerns my gentoo box. On the other hand, I have some experience with pulseaudio. I have two negative points about ALSA:
        1- Who the hell invented that configuration file syntax? Did anyone actually thought it would be usable? Is there even an accessible manual for that? I was at a loss when messing with ALSA, I always ended up copying someone else snippets, without knowing what I was doing. Please, point me to some documentation if there is any. I like their online database of hardware configurations, etc, it was a very good idea, but the configuration is just an immense pain in the ass. I'd rather have pulseaudio mess with that.
        2- Can ALSA switch output devices on the fly? May I swap the output device of my mp3 from the laptop internal speakers to the recently connect tv, through an hdmi cable? I could do that with Windows, I can do that with PulseAudio. Can I do that with ALSA? Never got it to work.